Middle East problem is not far away?

Middle East problem is not far away? [Interview] Middle East problem is not far - listen to the Middle East journalist Tide Kawakami Such as the refugee problem and the Islamic State (IS), what happens from now on is the situation in the Middle East to shake the world? [Interview] Middle East problem is not far away - the Middle East journalists listen to Tide Kawakami () Kawakami to a lecture at the Peace Boat shipboard Tide Kawakami, as such as the Asahi Shimbun Middle East correspondent, has been come to continue the coverage over the years. Palestinian conflict, the war in Iraq, covering the site, such as the Arab Spring. After retirement to 0 years, based in Egypt as a freelance journalist, it has continued to interview activities. Questioner: In the first times Peace Boat, we have the times of the lecture series in the Middle East section. What are the things that left an impression? Kawakami: In the board, what is Islam? Theme Syria refugee problem from such as the Palestinian problem, and the war in Iraq and the Arab Spring, spoke one way to the Islamic countries story.
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